Somas Motel & RV

Lyla Jean C.,

Date Stayed: 
Nov 6 2003

We’ve been home for over a week from our time in Port Alberni and Tofino.  Just want to say that your accommodation in #4 (now # 104) for the 4 of us on the nights of Oct 17-18 was just superb.  The kitchen was TOPS, as well as the rest of the rooms.  It was just what we needed.  We have memories of Port Alberni as our trip on the Lady Rose that Saturday in the middle of that storm was reported by one worker on that run to Bamfield, as one of the 4 worst days in his 12 years.  And to think we paid for it!!!  So special thanks for your provision of excellent space.  If we are ever in your area again, we will definitely stay with you and we have no hesitancy in recommending you.  Trust you will have a day of joy.