Somas Motel & RV

George & Margot D.

Date Stayed: 
Sep 23 2003

Thank you once again for another lovely stay in August; where did the time go?!  I am sorry that it has taken me so long to let you know how welcoming it always is and was even more so this visit to open the door to room 110 and view the re-enhanced charm of the cottage we love to call “ours” during our stays in Port Alberni; well, for that matter the central region.  We look forward each year to seeing our lovely bungalow and I for what’s to be found in its enchanted garden:  the kitten was a delightful surprise this year.  The thoughtful changes to bed and pillows; the special basket-cozy of teas and condiments; the fresh flowers in porcelain vase; lace curtains in powder room window, always a favorite.  And, I took the keepsake pen!  Thank you for these details to compliment a refreshing respite from the marathon driving and frantic pursuits to celebrate the REST.  And, thank you forever for taking the time to advertise over-the-border; for capturing our loyalty, and for tolerating the gush of compliments.  It was lovely talking with you this; hoping to see next for two nights.